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Enrollment: 100 as of February 2023.

Financial Aid: Over 90% of PS-5th grade students receive needs-based assistance averaging $2,300 per student.

Faculty: 100% are Christ-followers, 100% hold a degree, and 25% hold an advanced degree, with an average of 16 years of experience.

Educational Philosophy: Dual Language, emphasizing mastery of foundational skills (Grammar), development of reasoning and critical thinking (Logic), and cultivation of persuasive communication (Rhetoric). We teach all subjects from a Catholic/biblical worldview.

Accreditation & Certification: We are in the process of accreditation through the Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA). It is a process of determining the quality of our school's overall Catholic Identity and Educational Program. 

Selected Memberships: Member of the Two-Way Immersion Network of Catholic Schools (TWIN-CS/DL). 

Technology: iPads and Chromebooks are available for PK-5th grade. Projectors or large screen TVs in every class. Student Information System (FACTS) and emergency texting service. Smartboards…coming soon!