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Parent Club

At St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School, we strive to create a wonderful organization of parent volunteers, the Parent Club (PC). All SVDP parents are members of the Parent Club and are encouraged to attend meetings and events. The Parent Club also offers a variety of committees where parents may get involved.

Our Mission
The Parent Club serves as the communication liaison between home and school life.  We promote open communication, goodwill, and cooperation among parents, faculty, and administration.  The Parent Club manages fundraising efforts and community-building events that foster parent engagement and support our school’s vision of creating a community rich in Faith, Tradition, Scholarship, and Service.
We advance the mission and vision of the school and contribute to a positive school climate.
Facilitating communication between the parents, the head of the school, the administrative staff, the faculty, and the board of directors.
We support teachers, staff, and the administration to do their work effectively.
Serving and loving our teachers, staff, and administrators as they carry out their work.
We are promoting academic, spiritual, and social development for our student body which is increasing re-enrollment.
We are enhancing parental participation.
If you have any questions, contact us at 
Our Committees
We are in the process of organizing the PPF into organized committees to oversee the execution of the events and activities needed to support our teachers, administration, and school. A committee chair or chairs will be assigned to each committee. Their duties include attending monthly meetings, organizing and recruiting for events, and communicating needs to the PPF. Below are some ideas for the committee we would like to start: 
Our Schools, Madrinas/Padrinos (Godparents), assist our Catholic schools by taking on three vital roles: marketing, recruiting, and mentoring new families. 

Spiritual Development
Plans and supports parent-led communication and fellowship, including bible studies, Moms in Prayer, and speaker events.

Fellowship Events
Organizes school-wide events like the Harvest Festival, Graduation, and Christmas Program.

Staff Appreciation
The Staff Appreciation Committee encourages and refreshes our school staff in creative and fun ways with monthly appreciation events.

Homeroom Coordinators and Contacts
PK-5th grade class parents who work in teams to coordinate parent volunteers. There are typically one or two Homeroom Contacts per class.

Loyalty Programs
Administers and promotes our school loyalty programs, such as Box Tops for Education.

Volunteer Hub
Help administer our online volunteer tracking system and provide education and support to committee members and school staff. Some activities to coordinate are the monthly Pancake breakfast and weekend Mass, Octoberfest, Harvest Festival, Jog-athon, Bingo Night, etc. 


Guiding Principles of the Parent Club

Faith-based education is a potent combination to ensure learners consistently use their skills with God's Will.
As Stewards of a new creation, it is our purpose to share our God-given gifts for the betterment of others.
The current state of education requires cooperation and understanding between parents, faculty, staff, and the community to ensure that students reach their potential.
Catholic schools, as the standard bearers of education, need long-term, predictable sources of income that go beyond tuition to ensure long-term viability and access.
Parents and Faculty must have a forum to exchange ideas and help advance the school's mission.
The Parent Club should create meaningful goals to give members more explicit purpose and focus.
The SVDP PC operates an annual budget that is derived from fundraisers. The money is used to sponsor SVDP activities for students, and the school needs throughout the year as the PC recommends and decided upon by the Principal in consultation with the Priest.