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School Uniform

Our school uniform site is now live, searchable, and shoppable! You can search for St. Vincent de Paul on the homepage with the school code (most people don't remember this!), school name, or zip code. We've attached the link to our custom store here. Click on the picture above, and it will take you there directly.




SVDP uses only one vendor to provide school uniforms: French Toast. Choose the link above (French Toast Logo) to view their websites for additional information.

The dress code aims to have a common standard for attire that will limit distractions from the educational process, be workable and affordable for parents, and be easily implemented at school. “Uniform” implies children will be dressed alike.  The Uniform Policy of SVDP Catholic School is designed to develop school identity and pride, create unity among our students, and maintain a non-competitive dress environment.  Parents are expected to maintain the integrity of the Uniform Policy by ensuring that their child is dressed accordingly.

French Toast is the main source for uniform pants, skorts, skirts, jumpers, sweaters, sweatshirts, fleece vests, and jackets.  Uniform polo shirts may be purchased from other suppliers if they fit the French Toast Uniforms clothing description.


You are welcome to drop off your freshly washed uniform items that longer fit for other families to take advantage of. We are thankful for the families who volunteer to keep the uniform exchange organized and accessible to everyone.

  • PS through 5th-grade students must be in uniform all days except on specified Free Dress days.
  • In general, all students must be well groomed and present themselves in a manner consistent with and respectful of our Catholic learning environment. 
  • Clothing should fit properly and allow ease of movement for outdoor participation, but not be oversized.  Clothes should be clean, free of stains and odors, and in good repair.
  • Our Uniform school colors are:
    • Polos: Navy Blue and White. (with or without school logo. No other logo is allowed)
    • Pants: Heather Gray
    • Skirts/Jumpers: Heather Gray
  • Polos: White or Navy Blue
  • Polo shirts may be short or long-sleeved with or without the school logo.
  • Dry-fit polo shirts are not part of the uniform.
  • Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve Shirts: White (For Mass) Shirts must always be tucked in. 
  • Midriffs must always be covered.
  • Ties: Navy Blue for boys and girls. (Ties will be worn at all times when in mass dress)
  • Sweatshirts and Sweaters: Navy Blue
  • Only sweatshirts and sweaters with the SVDP logo are allowed to be worn in classrooms.  
  • Sweaters may be button-down cardigans, crew necks, or v-neck pullovers.
  • Sweatshirts may be crew neck or ¼ zip - no hooded sweatshirts.
  • Microfleece vests and jackets with zippers with the school logo are allowed.
  • All other outwear is only acceptable at recess unless the principal makes an exception due to extremely cold weather. 
  • Skirts, Jumpers, and Skorts: Heather Gray
  • All skirts, jumpers, skorts, and shorts must be no more than 2 inches above the knee.
  • Pants: Heather Gray
  • Flat front stretch and pleated front chino pants may be worn Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Wednesday.
  • Wednesday, Mass Days, picture days, or any special event, boys will wear dress pants in heather gray.
  • Capri length is not allowed for pants.
  • Pants with elastic at the ankles are not allowed
  • No cargo pants, sweats, jeans, leggings, or tearaway pants are allowed.
  • Tank tops, t-shirts, and undershirts may be worn underneath the uniform polo as long as they are solid white.
  • Leggings may be worn under a skirt, jumper, or skort as long as they are solid color white without any patterns or distracting designs. They may be capri or full-length.
  • Athletic shoes are preferred for school and are required for PE. 
  • Other types may be worn, but shoes must have heels of 1-inch height or less and must fully cover toes and heels.  
  • Shoes with laces must be tied.  
  • No boots of any kind are appropriate for school.  
  • Sandals or flip-flops are not allowed. 
  • Shoes with sequins, sparkles, metal decorations, etc., are inappropriate for uniform wear.
  • Socks or tights must be worn at all times and be solid white (a small design/logo is acceptable). 
  • Nail polish and professional manicures are allowed if they do not interfere with the learning environment.
  • Tasteful jewelry is allowed if it does not interfere with the learning environment. No jewelry (except post-type earrings) is allowed in physical education.
  • Hair should be clean and neat. No bleached, dyed, or streaked hair is allowed. Distracting hair is not appropriate for elementary school.
  • Hair accessories, such as bandanas and headbands, are welcome if they are tasteful and do not interfere with the learning environment.
  • Hats should not be worn in school unless they are part of an organized spirit dress day.
  • Students receive Free Dress Day each month and on other special occasions. 
  • Fridays are Gospel Days. Students can wear our school's Gospel t-shirt, an SVDP Hoodie, a Blanchet Hoodie, or a Catholic/Christian University/College Hoodie of their choice
  • Students also have the privilege of free dress day on their birthday or a day close to their birthday of their choosing.  
  • On Free Dress days, uniforms do not have to be worn, but all students are expected to be clean and neat and take pride in their appearance. 
  • Jeans must not have holes or tears.
  • If skintight pants/leggings are worn, they must be accompanied by a shirt or skirt at least mid-thigh length.
  • Shirts must be long enough to cover the midriff at all times.
  • Logos and advertising on t-shirts or sweatshirts other than the SVDP logo are not allowed. 
  • Shoes must have heels of 1-inch height or less. Shoes must fully cover toes and heels.  
  • No ripped or torn jeans are to be worn.