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St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School has provided a Christ-Centered education for nearly 100 years. Our passion, as well as our mission, is to partner with parents and the Catholic church to build a foundation for life. Please take a few minutes and read just a few testimonials from our parents that will provide insight into how well we fulfill our mission.
A phenomenal program and school for young learners! We love the staff and the school's promotion of dual language in our community. I can't imagine sending my student anywhere else! My husband and I were looking for a small faith-based school for our son. Our son attended another Catholic school in Salem, but St Vincent De Paul's Dual Language program made us choose them over the other school. Since our son has attended SVDP, we have had nothing but great experiences. The program is an immersion program that allows our son to explore language and culture. The staff is kind and nurturing, the classes small, and we cannot imagine sending students anywhere else. As a Catholic family, we love seeing our son explore his faith in a safe environment with teachers who can answer any questions he might have. If you are looking for a small school with great instruction, this is the school for you. 
We love all the teachers, and all the staff is amazing. This is our daughter's second year attending St Vincent. Everyone is professional and really cares about their learning and growth in religion. I would recommend them to anyone who wants their kids to learn the dual language, but not just academically; her faith and personal growth have been something we really appreciate. This community has given us all new friends in school, and as parents, we are also learning through the dual language program. We love this school so much.
We love the idea of a dual language program; our daughter learns much daily. This small family community makes you feel so welcome and eager to be involved.
We are very blessed to have our children attend St. Vincent De Paul. My children are learning what we want them to know as Catholics and learning Spanish, their prayers, school structure, and respect for others and themselves. The staff is friendly, very quick to respond, and ensures everyone is safe and respected.
This is my daughter's first year at St. Vincent de Paul School. She loves the school and all the staff. Everyone is very friendly, welcoming, and helpful!
My daughter has been attending SVDP for over two years, and we love every aspect! The staff is warm and engaging, and they made us feel welcome and part of a family from day one. Their dual language curriculum is top-notch and has allowed my daughter to develop her Spanish further.