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2023/2024 Tuition


Contact the admissions office for more information.

Learn More about 2023-2024 Tuition & Fees along with our Multi-Student Discount

Application Fee: A non-refundable Application Fee is due upon application. This fee ranges from $0-100, depending on the time of application.

Tuition Assistance for PS-5th Grade Families

St Vincent de Paul Dual Language Immersion Catholic School is committed to providing Christ-centered and dual language education to preschool through 5th-grade students in the greater Salem area. Recognizing the cost of private school education is a significant investment, we are privileged to offer need-based tuition assistance to qualified families.

Many factors are considered when determining a family’s tuition assistance, including income, assets, unusual expenses, and the size of the family. The resources available for the program in a given year must also be considered.

Any family of a kindergarten through a 5th-grade student that shows a demonstrated need as determined by FACTS (a trusted third-party agency) is eligible. We encourage all families concerned with affordability to contact our admissions office for information on how to begin a FACTS application for assistance.

Multi-student Discount

A kindergarten through 5th grade multi-student discount is available and will automatically be applied with the following provisions:
The discount rates are 25% for the second student, 50% for the third student, 75% for the fourth student, and free for the fifth student. The 25% discount applies to the student in the second highest grade; the 50% discount applies to the student in the third highest grade, etc.

The multi-student discount does not apply to families who receive need-based tuition assistance. If the multi-student discount is greater than the tuition assistance award, a family may opt to receive the discount in lieu of tuition assistance.

To be eligible for the discount, the students must be in the same family tuition billing account. Proof may be required at the time of application.